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When we hear the date September 11th, we immediately remember events that took place in 2001. It is a day forever etched in our memory. A time we all came together as Americans, we were drawn to our faith, and for our warriors it meant the beginning of a long journey.

The PATRIOT DAY: LET US NEVER FORGET simulcast is a chance for your Church to host something special. Experience the story of 6 special operations soldiers engaging in combat then coming home to face the scars of war. The stories teach us that there is only one hope for the world, no matter what issues and difficulties we face, the gospel is what changes everything. This event will give your Church the opportunity to reach your community, help those going through crisis or recovery, and provide an event for everyone to remember what our soldiers do every day in protecting our country.

Here’s how the FREE National Premiere works:

Join us September 11 thru 16, choose the date and time that is best for your Church and enjoy this 75-minute simulcast event that includes the movie SURRENDER ONLY TO ONE along with special guests and features. We are making it available for 6 days so it can fit into your Church schedule. Show it on September 11th, host a Men’s breakfast on Saturday, or use it on Sunday – however it can fit into your ministry. The cost for the event is FREE, we only ask that when you show it you take an offering to help our warriors. Please share 50% of it with SOF Missions, the producers of this event, and keep 50% to do something in your local area or to support your ministry to soldiers and families. SOF Missions will use these funds to directly impact warriors through their recovery process.

SOF Missions also has resources available to make this more than a movie, but a discipleship experience.  Some of these resources are:

  • Event Guide – a one page you can print and hand out to those who come. It will share more information about what they are watching and provide ways the can get involved in making a difference.
  • Surrender Only To One Discussion Guide – get a free chapter sample and more info on what the study is about.
  • Poster and other promotional tools for social media, handouts, and sharing info about your event.
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The elite, the best of the best of the United States military— Special Forces, SEALs, Special Tactics, Marines, and Special Ops Gunship Aviators, these heroes are trained to withstand unimaginable circumstances, and yet they all have one thing in common: they each have been broken. From growing up in poverty, drugs, alcohol, anger, rage, and fear; experience the stories that will take you from the brink of despair and suicide—to victory!


Come to Our Patriot Day Event at the Tampa Theatre

Our Goal Is To Create Awareness To The Problems Facing Our Veterans Today. We aim to present the issues of suicide, depression, post-traumatic stress, loneliness, and rage and provide a solution.

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SOF Missions began in 2011 with the goal of making an atomic impact to change and transform the world. We are veterans, health care professionals, contractors, group leaders, missionaries, volunteers and everyday people—all passionate about doing what we can to make a positive difference.

Our aim is to support warriors who struggle with post-traumatic stress and provide them with the tools to overcome the negative impacts of combat.

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