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Acts 20

Acts 20

“And when he had said these things, he knelt down and prayed with them all. And there was much weeping on the part of all; they embraced Paul and kissed him, being sorrowful most of all because of the word he had spoken, that they would not see his face again. And they accompanied him to the ship.” Acts 20:36-38

Paul is visiting the Ephesians elders one last time. They’re sharing a very intimate moment because it is very probable they will never see each other again. No doubt it was an emotional time; they had cried together, rejoiced together, and suffered together. It was the perfect picture of what true Christian brotherhood looked like.

Now, Paul’s final departure was at hand and they all knew it.

What if today was the last moment you might see your loved ones? Could you look at their face knowing that you did all you can to serve them? Can you cry on their shoulders knowing you gave them your best?

Perhaps you’re at a place where there’s still some unfinished business towards those you love? The Psalmist says “this is the day that the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.” May God give you the strength to redeem the time and the heart to fill the cup of your loved one’s life. After all, God has given you one more day, why not start today?