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Acts 25

Acts 25

“Then Paul made his defense: ‘I have done nothing wrong against the Jewish law or against the temple or against Caesar.’”Acts 25:8

Paul the apostle had a powerful testimony before God. He lived his life to fulfill his ultimate calling to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ “which was the power of God into salvation to anyone who believed.”

After Paul’s spiritual conversion, it was self-evident to him that the Jewish law was impossible to fulfill. In fact, it was plain absurdity for anyone to assume that one could achieve personal salvation by his or her own accord. However, this was the case, Paul was very careful to respect the customs that Hebrews followed. Furthermore, knowing the “Holy Spirit did not live within a building made with hands,” he dared not to speak against the temple; a place where Hebrews considered holy. Finally, although Paul had made Jesus Lord, he still acknowledged that he was subject to Roman rule.

Christian soldier, the Lord calls us to walk wisely and speak carefully so that our personal testimony and the message that accompanies us, does not taint the name of Christ. That we may “give no offense in anything that the ministry of God being blamed in all things are proving ourselves as the ministers of God.” May God give us the wisdom to speak in season and be the example for others to follow.