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Galatians 3

Galatians 3 – Foolish Christian

“O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?Galatians 3:1

The word bewitched can mean several things. It can mean to speak ill of one, to slander or to bring evil on one by feigning praise or an evil eye. It can also mean just what it says, to place under one’s power by magic; cast a spell over.

Paul was accusing someone of tainting the Galatians and their knowledge of the faith. He had gone to Galatia several years ago and preached the Gospel. Many of them were saved under Paul’s ministry and a church was planted. Later, it flourished. But now, several years had gone by and the atmosphere had changed for the worse. Unfortunately, men had crept in with false doctrine and in many ways, “bewitched them.”

Today, we see many Christians start well, but somewhere along the way they change. Something happens to them. Their fire stops burning. They yield to some bizarre doctrine. Or perhaps they live a double life justifying that God agrees with them and their man-made beliefs.



How is your Christianity? Is your light burning bright? Or has it been put out? If so, perhaps you have been bewitched! Could it be that Satan has cast a spell over your eyes so that you have forgotten the truth of God? Maybe it’s sin that you’ve been wrestling with and it has overcome you. The Lord is a forgiving God, always! Why not start afresh and renew your commitment to walk with God in holiness and truth? God is waiting!