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John 13

John 13

“When Jesus had said this, He was troubled in His spirit and testified, ‘I assure you: One of you will betray Me!’  His disciples started looking at one another – uncertain which one He was speaking about.” John 13:21

Jesus was God incarnate, manifested in the flesh. He is described as the Word of God, the very expression of the Lord. In the Scriptures we find that when He spoke, “no man spoke like this man.” Pertaining to his works, they’re righteous doing good wherever He went. Miracles accompanied him, so much so, that even the Pharisees and the scribes would not deny that He did them. In fact, they would say “we do not condemn you because of your good works of righteousness but because you make yourself equal with God.”

The Lord Jesus’ begin His journey with only a handful of disciples. Although they were won over by the gospel, it was His deep fountain of love that compelled them to follow wherever He roamed. For years, they were His disciples. During that time, they watched Him and heard Him and could attest that He was God.

But now we read in this text that Jesus’s Spirit was troubled for one of His disciples was about to betray Him. After all that they had experienced it was one inside the camp that would betray him. I ask myself how is this possible? After all of the evidence and the miracles, one of His own would betray Him.

The Bible teaches that the heart is “wicked. Who can know the depth of its depravity?” My fellow comrade, if one in the midst of the disciples would betray the Lord Jesus, what makes you think that somebody that you love and have put your trust in, will not also do the same thing to you?

What made the Lord Jesus so amazing was His ability to forgive, even when it appeared to be impossible. The Bible teaches that we have to forgive, less “the bitterness destroys you.” May God give us the strength and the long-suffering required to exhibit the same type of forgiveness that the Lord Jesus demonstrated; godlike forgiveness.