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Marriage Isn’t The Problem

*For this week’s post I must begin by giving my thanks to those who have helped me understand marriage along the way. Especially my parents, who have modeled great marriage for me and others for 49 years, and my friends Jerry and Dave who have vulnerably shared their triumphs and failures in their marriages with me. I am no doubt …

A Great Wedding Feast, and You’re Invited

As we approach the spring many couples will begin the joyous and often arduous task of planning the perfect wedding. Here in our Western culture, weddings are a huge affair centered on the bride and great care is usually taken to insure everything is just perfect on that special day. In the Middle East, weddings are an even bigger event …

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What’s In A Name?

In our culture we tend to name our children names that are pleasing to our ears or names chosen in honor of a favored relative or friend. As my wife and I contemplated a name for our first born, we tried many on for size. Several were ruled out because of associations with similarly named people we had known in …

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4th of July Message

It’s Independence Day. So What? Today I’m going to declare my independence! That’s right, I’m declaring myself free and no one is gong to take that away from me. Just out of curiosity, have you every watched Braveheart? The main character in that movie was a warrior named William Wallace. He was a Scottish patriot that led a band of rebels in a …

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Welcome to SOF Missions!

Hello, and Welcome to SOF Missions. On behalf of our entire team, thank you for joining SOF Missions. You will find a variety of blog topics. We invite you to participate and share with your friends. Feel free to check out our site and begin to connect with other members. This community is comprised of men and women who want to grow spiritually and help make a difference in our growing veteran community. Engage and inspire through connecting with an OL group near you.