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Romans 11

“I ask, then, has God rejected his people (Israel)? By no means!” Romans 11:1


There is a very special place for Israel in the heart of God. Out of all of the nations of the world He chose Israel. He dwelt with them in the tabernacle and was in their midst. God was their protector and provider. Their relationship was to declare holiness to the rest of the world because He had appointed them to be the light of the world!

Although God had massive favor towards Israel, somewhere along the way, Israel turned their backs against God. Israel dishonored God and His commandments.

God was patient and gave Israel the opportunity to repent, but they would not. Instead, they did what they wanted to do.  God sent Jesus, His only begotten son and they rejected Him too. As a father would reprimand his own son, God had to punish Israel. He set them aside and, with no choice, would go to a people that were far off, the Gentile (non-Jew) nation.

People may wonder, has God forsaken his people? Absolutely not! One day He will bring back the Jewish nation and they will be reconciled.

Do you feel far from God? If so, God is in the business of bringing what is far off, near again. He accomplishes this through His Son, Jesus Christ. Why not call out His name? Jesus is waiting to hear from you.